Pensions & Retirement

How are you planning to fund your retirement years?

I provide a comprehensive financial planning service in relation to all your retirement needs, whether personal pensions for the self employed or executive pensions for company directors.

Planning for your retirement is essential in order to avoid the big drop in income at retirement when your earned income ceases and to avoid reliance on the state pension.

Retirement is to be enjoyed rather than it becoming a financial struggle.

Tax-efficient saving for your future

A pension is an extremely tax-efficient way of saving money for your retirement. Whatever type of pension you have, you are entitled to three generous tax breaks:

Tax-free growth on your money

Any growth in contributions invested through your pension fund is exempt from Irish income tax and capital gains tax.

Tax-free lump sum when you retire

With many pension plans, you can take part of your fund as a tax-free lump sum when you retire.

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